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Review | The Ruthless Gentleman by Louise Bay

The Ruthless Gentleman

by Louise Bay


As a chief stewardess on luxury superyachts, I massage egos, pamper the spoiled and cater to the most outlandish desires of the rich and famous.

I’ve never had a guest want something I can’t give them. Until British businessman Hayden Wolf comes aboard—all sexy swagger and mysterious requests.

He wants me.

And Hayden Wolf’s a man who’s used to getting exactly what he demands.

Despite being serious and focused. Demanding and ruthless. He’s also charming when I least expect it as well as being devastatingly handsome with an almost irresistible smile.

But guests are strictly off limits and I’ve never broken a rule. Not even bent one. My family are depending on me and I can’t lose my job.

Only problem is Hayden Wolf is looking at me like I just changed his life. And he’s touching me like he’s about to change mine.



The Ruthless Gentleman focuses upon the burgeoning and titillating sexual tension between a British businessman and a loyal, hard-working chief stewardess. Set within a yacht gliding through the Mediterranean, there’s forbidden romance, passionate chemistry, intrigue, mystery and suspense.

“I haven’t thought about what happens when I leave this boat,” I said. “But I know that I can’t ever imagine not wanting you in my life.”

Chief stewardess Avery Walker is ready to visit her family in Sacramento, but when her captain requests a last minute, two month season along the Mediterranean, tending to some lone, mystery client, she agrees. She could use the money for her brother’s staggering medical bills.

Someone’s been leaking information to Hayden Wolf’s business competition, making his ventures difficult and his investors concerned. With this unknown threat coming from within his own company, discretion is paramount. For the next two months, he’ll be living aboard the Athena while his brother tries to uncover the traitor.

Despite crew members having undergone extensive background searches, no one is allowed to contact family and friends through phones or laptops. More important, crew members are prohibited from entering Hayden’s private chambers except for the chief stewardess.

Avery and Hayden develop an undeniable connection the more time they spend together. However, with a strict non-fraternization policy between employee and yacht guest instilled, Avery cannot afford to put her career in jeopardy. And with Hayden focused on closing this long awaited business deal, he can’t lose sight of what he needs to appease his investors.

No matter Avery’s sweetness and Hayden’s charms, they need to resist each other, but is it worth risking everything they have?

She was my sunset and my sunrise. My choppy waters and my calm seas. My everything.

I wholly admire Avery’s tenacity, undeniable strength and unquestionable loyalty towards her family. I cannot imagine being parted from family and friends for extended periods of time. Yet she’s ready to sacrifice virtually everything to ensure her brothers has the opportunity to live a better life.

When Hayden isn’t being demanding, he is quite charming. A suit-wearing dominant male inside the boardroom and bedroom. Handsome beyond words; aloof yet polite. He is hard working, having spent years rebuilding his family’s reputation after petty revenge caused it so crumble.

The Ruthless Gentleman is slow burn, but there is an intense build up of sexual tension. I loved the push and pull of chemistry, that moment when they finally gave into their desires and realised everything is worth venturing into, even if it endangers their integrity. They share a strong connection that bounces across the pages.

From the romantic, picturesque ventures through Taormina and the sizzling encounters abroad the Athena, The Ruthless Gentleman is easy to love. It has deceit, intrigue, mystery and revenge; chemistry and forbidden romance; an independent, sacrificing heroine; a demanding, alpha-male hero.

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