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Black Sheep by Meghan March

Black Sheep (Dirty Mafia Duet #1)
by Meghan March

Rating: ★★★★
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Every family has a black sheep.
In the infamous Casso crime family, that black sheep is me—Cannon Freeman.
Except I’m not a free man. I’ve never been free. Not since the day I was born.
I owe my loyalty to my father, Dominic Casso, even if he won’t publicly acknowledge me as his blood.
I’ve never had a reason to go against his wishes… until I met her.
Drew Carson turned my world upside when she walked into my club looking for a job.
Now, my honor and my life are on the line.
Going against my father’s wishes might buy me a bullet straight from his gun, but black sheep or not, it’s time to make my stand.
She’s worth the fallout.

*ARC provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review*

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Queen of suspense-filled and angst-ridden cliffhanger endings, Meghan March didn’t disappoint with Black Sheep! She’s delivered an addictive and enthralling narrative—a forbidden romance between two complete opposites caught within a twisted situation that can’t be seamlessly unravelled. Full of grit and danger, the allure of this duet will render you riveted and invested in the sordid details of justice and retribution.

“You don’t know what you want from me because you’ve never had a man determined to set you on fire, just so I can fan the flames. I’m going to show you.”

By intertwining herself with a formidable man dripping in sheer confidence and utter dominance, Drew Carson is flirting with inevitable danger. Despite said danger emanating from a deeper, darker world, her unwavering determination is admirable though somewhat foolish as she endeavours to find closure. She’s a fascinating enigma—a combination of numerous identities and buried secrets that form into this interesting, multifaceted character.

“There are a million things that should stop me, but not a goddamned one will. I staked my claim. I meant it. You are mine.”

Cannon Freeman exudes uncontested dominance. Consuming and intense, there’s no refuting the irresistible allure that surrounds this enigmatic anti-hero, or the commanding aura shrouding his notable presence. Despite having criminal associates, there’s a certain amount of surprising goodness lurking inside this hero as he carefully treads the delicate line between corrupt and honest that eases the tension in this duet.

“Careful. You’re going to give me the impression you’re running from me… which will only make me want to chase you.”

Drawn together by an immediate connection and irrefutable chemistry—despite the forbidden nature of it—Drew and Cannon have an earnest and fervent relationship, a fiery storm of wanton passion, that is on edge waiting to be unleashed. When it does, it goes up in flames full of desire and hidden affection, you can feel the heat singe the pages!

Black Sheep is fast-paced, but the suspense remains intense and enthralling. Shrouded in secrets and revenge, the excitement of witnessing certain events unfurl will leave your mind reeling and emotions soaring because, as it is with Meghan March, the ending is always a nail-biting, teeth-clenching cliffhanger.

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ARC Review | The Sweetest Oblivion by Danielle Lori

The Sweetest Oblivion (Made Men #1)

by Danielle Lori

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She’s a romantic at heart, living in the most unromantic of worlds…

Nicknamed Sweet Abelli for her docile nature, Elena smiles on cue and has a charming response for everything. She’s the favored daughter, the perfect mafia principessa… or was.

Now, all she can see in the mirror’s reflection is blood staining her hands like crimson paint.

They say first impressions are everything…

In the murky waters of New York’s underworld, Elena’s sister is arranged to marry Nicolas Russo. A Made Man, a boss, a cheat—even measured against mafia standards. His reputation stretches far and wide and is darker than his black suits and ties. After his and Elena’s first encounter ends with an accidental glare on her part, she realizes he’s just as rude as he is handsome.

She doesn’t like the man or anything he stands for, though that doesn’t stop her heart from pattering like rain against glass when he’s near, nor the shiver that ghosts down her spine at the sound of his voice.

And he’s always near. Telling her what to do. Making her feel hotter than any future brother-in-law should. Elena may be the Sweet Abelli on the outside, but she’s beginning to learn she has a taste for the darkness, for rough hands, cigarettes, and whiskey-colored eyes. Having already escaped one scandal, however, she can hardly afford to be swept up in another.

Besides, even if he were hers, everyone knows you don’t fall in love with a Made Man . . . right?


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“Your come is running down my thigh,” she whispered. Fuck. That was the hottest thing I’d ever heard.
My dick throbbed. I found the wetness dripping down her leg. Running a finger upward, I pushed it back inside her.

Danielle Lori is one of my new one click authors.

I found myself drawn towards this gorgeous cover. And then that blurb really grabbed my attention. When my book friend Alex posted her review of The Sweetest Oblivion my mind exploded. I found myself wanting to read this more than ever.

I’m already waiting for the next in this series, because I’m desperate and thirsty for more of New York’s dangerous, wicked Underworld.

The Sweetest Oblivion is filled with so much intense, delicious sexual tension, you will be left a simpering, fiery mess. I needed to stop, fan myself a little and take a breather to appreciate the tension seeping from these pages (I admittedly read most of this during work and if it was possible my face would have turned a bright shade of tomato).

I understood my attraction to the man. His hands were rough, his voice deep, his presence commanding… he checked all the boxes I needed but didn’t want.

On the outside, Elena Abelli is sweet and demure, the epitome of perfection, because she needs it to survive the world of New York’s Cosa Nostra. When the Sweet Abelli and Nicolas Russo first meet, sparks fly, tension is high and flames ignite, but both are too stubborn to admit the truth. And there’s something awfully forbidden about flirting with your sister’s fiance, even if it is an arranged marriage.

Elena Abelli was my vice, and fuck if I’d let it kill me.

While this is perhaps longer than an average romance, the tension radiates off the pages and the romance burns from every word. So beautifully, so wonderfully, so steadily. It leaves you craving and wanting more.

I haven’t read Mafia romance in a very long time. Or, to be more accurate, I haven’t devoured an amazing Mafia romance in years. Danielle Lori reignited my love for New York’s dangerous underworld, including the drama and angst and suspense that comes along with it.

In between the romance and sexual tension, we have snippets of an awesome, albeit fucked up family that is complex, yet realistic for the lifestyle they lead. I love and enjoy the banter with side characters, which cuts through some tense situations and awkward moments. Despite these characters living an abnormal life, it shows that they are humans, just with skewed moral compasses.

I only spoke Italian when I wanted to curse. I hardly ever swore, except for damn, hell, and maybe ass with a hole on the end now that I’d met Nicolas.

I wish this never ended because I want, or rather need more Elena and Nicolas. While the pacing was fantastic, everything unfurled nicely and the story ended on a perfect note, I’m selfish and simply want more, damn it!

I’m so invested in these characters.

And it only took one book.

The Sweetest Oblivion is told in dual POV. To me, it is essential in building the characters personalities, especially ones as complex and apparently emotionless as Nicolas. It also showed that every romantic scene wasn’t one-sided.

Those romantic scenes! *splashes self with water*

I wanted to fuck her and ruin her for anyone else. I wanted to crush her wings and then put them back together again so she’d become dependent on me. I wanted her to need me. That dark, possessive, and dangerous feeling crawled through me every time she crossed my path. Elena Abelli was my vice, and fuck if I’d let it kill me.